Red Teaming

Red Teaming isn't just about finding the holes in your defence. Red Teaming is also about providing a playbook to improve your defence in the future.


Red Teaming helps you stay competitive

Red Teaming is designed to test all elements of corporate defence in networks, systems, applications, employees as well as physical security. We test whether your company can withstand a cyberattack with highly advanced methods - in order to identify the improvement potential of your defence and secure the interests of your company.

Test your company's ability to withstand a cyberattack

Our Red Team solution offers:

A Red Team task is carried out as a real cyberattack simulation.

An advantage for you because:

You find out if your company is a target of a cyberattack.

It is of benefit to you because:

Your company gets to test all aspects of IT security.

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Comprehensive Red Teaming includes:

Attack simulation

Against networks, applications, mobiles and devices.

Social Engineering

For example onsite, phone, email and chat.

Physical intrusion

For example lock diving, bypassing cameras, alarm and access control.

Employees do well

The people, who operate and control the IT systems, applications and networks most often do a good job.

The attackers just think differently

It is the traditional way of thinking that puts an organisation at risk.

We adapt to your needs

Red Teaming doesn't have to be prohibitive. We adapt the task to your organisation's special needs.

We can scale up

Or down according to your needs and wishes.

Red Teaming fordi:

Red Teaming is a simulation of a real cyberattack, which independently of the company's security team tests how well the company performs.

The company gets an overall picture of how good the armed forces are within all security areas.

The company receives specific advice and guidance for remediating the safety aspects detected during the test.

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