Phishing simulation

A phishing simulation tests how good employees are at resisting tempting incoming emails that appear to be a little too good to be true.


Do you know whether your employees can withstand a phishing attack?

Phishing can very briefly be described as “fake emails”. They are sent by malicious actors in order to steal passwords, payment card information and other personal information.

Often, phishing emails look like normal emails from government agencies, stores or people within the victim's circle of friends.

Test your employees before “real” cybercriminals attack

Our Phishing solution offers:

Sending out fake emails that aim to steal information or compromise the recipient's devices or network.

An advantage for you because:

You gain insight into employee behaviour and interactions as well as the willingness to provide information and click on links in emails.

It is of benefit to you because:

You get ahead of threats and know your company's vulnerability to fake emails.

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Our phishing campaigns are available as two variants:

Easy phishing

In case of light phishing, only less sensitive data such as the phone number, place of work and working hours will be phished.

We test the degree to which employees interact with potential phishing emails.

These emails may for example pose as a fake employee survey, online competition or a game.

Hard phishing

In the hard test, we try to lure usernames and passwords out of employees.

Often, we will buy domains and set up email accounts that, without further investigation, will appear credible to the victim.

A hard phishing email will most often try to get the victim to click on a link in order to gain access to login information.

After completing the phishing campaign, it is reported how many percent have

*Opened an email

Clicked on a link

Provided information

“Opened an email” depends on whether the mail client makes it possible to display images.

Our phishing solution offers:

Simulation of a phishing attack and testing of the employees' ability to resist fraudulent emails.

Testing of the employees' current level of consciousness before “real” cybercriminals exploit them.

Uncovering of how vulnerable the company is when employees receive phishing emails.

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