OSINT stands for Open-Source Intelligence. Here, all information from publicly available sources about your company and employees is investigated.

Create an overview of publicly available information about your company

Our OSINT solution offers:

You will find out what information is publicly available about your company.

An advantage for you because:

You gain insight into whether public information could be harmful to your company and possibly lead to a cyberattack.

It is of benefit to you because:

You gain knowledge about whether your company is a target for cybercriminals.

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We seek out all available sources for information about your company.

The information often comes from:

The internet


News agencies

Educational institutions

Malicious attackers often use OSINT

They gather all the information they can about a potential target.

They form a picture of the goal

This makes it easier to carry out a more credible attack.


Investigate whether there is publicly available information about the company, which can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Learn whether the information can be actively used by cybercriminals for a potential attack against your company.

Gain knowledge about publicly available information inappropriate for the company.

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