Book us for our lecture “Meeting a Hacker”, where we talk about cybersecurity and hacking. This is a highly relevant issue to address. We tell you about the threats that exist, namely the ones used by cybercriminals with great success.

Strengthen your awareness of IT security

The lecture takes approx. 1.5 hours. The goal of the event is not only to talk about how a hacker works – but also to give the participants a better awareness of the type of threats, and how to protect themselves against them. It is about training for improved IT security.

What you get out of a lecture with Prueba

We illustrate how hackers work and how they can abuse for instance data online.

We also talk about the threats, which a company encounters and the role of the employees. Employees are the last link in the defensive chain against attacks.

The content of the event itself is:

Introduction to Cybersecurity.

A trip into the criminal hackers' underworld and types of malicious actors.

What types of threats does the organisation face?

What types of threats can affect people?

What is a good and secure password?

What threats exist when travelling and in public spaces – what to watch out for?

Holistic cybersecurity as an organisation with technology and people.

We conduct “live demonstrations” to illustrate some of the techniques used.

After the event, participants will have basic knowledge of cybersecurity, which they can benefit from on a daily basis.

They will become better at taking care of themselves, both in their private and professional activities online.

Our preparation before the event

Before the event, we conduct passive reconnaissance. We do searches on the participants and search for known data breaches. All results remain anonymous – so no one has to feel exposed. We do not conduct active reconnaissance or direct contact with participants.

Distribution of material

As part of the event, everyone receives our little handbook on cybersecurity as well as the hacker's 10 tips that should be the basis of anyone's cybersecurity.

Please contact us, if you are interested in booking a lecture.

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