Incident Response

Specialist knowledge helps the company quickly return to normal in case of a security breach.

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With Prueba Cybersecurity Incident Response, you are in safe hands if an incident occurs.

Our IR solution offers:

You will have the opportunity to get in touch with specialists as soon as a security incident occurs in the company.

An advantage for you because:

You get access to specialist knowledge, if there is a security breach in the company, and thus you get the company back to normal quickly.

It is a benefit to you because:

You react quickly and correctly, if an incident occurs in the company, where malicious actors have gained access to the company's systems.

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Contact us for a meeting to identify your company's security challenges and needs.

It is important that no important information or traces of cybercriminals are deleted.

Think of a cyberattack as a physical intrusion.

After a burglary, you should call the police so that any trace of the criminals can be investigated.

Do not clean up, since important evidence may be deleted.

The same applies to the digital world.

Here, the incident response team must be called in to secure and investigate the traces left behind.

With the Prueba Cybersecurity Incident Response agreement, your company gets access to:

Quick response, if an incident occurs and your company is affected by a cyberattack or a security breach.

Cybersecurity specialists with high-level skills, who take the right approach to take all the required measures in the right order.

Our IR team, which ensures creation of the correct action plan, in order for your company to return to normal operations as soon as possible.

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