GRC (Governace, Risk og Compliance)

The goal of GRC is to support the company's financial and strategic goals, as well as enable the company to address and process uncertainties.

GRC enables a better and more relevant implementation of information security, as it also provides a good explanation of how information can be secured and used as a tool to implement good information security in the company.

We can help with::

GDPR, NIS2, DORA and other regulations

We offer help to identify and implement the regulations you are covered by, workshops, DPO-as-a-service and help with notification to the data protection authority.

Acquisition, merger and sale

Avoid unpleasant surprises in connection with acquisitions, mergers and sales.

Risk assessments and management

We help to prepare and improve the risk management process so that management can make decisions on a well-informed basis.

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GRC covers three facets


Is helpful for IT to support your business objectives.

Governance within IT helps to protect against errors and breakdowns by establishing contingency plans for re-establishment of systems and data as well as how the company's core business can continue in the event of lack of access to systems and data.


Risk assessments are the foundation of the Risk Management process.

The risk assessment makes the company's management aware of the current risks, so that the company does not expose itself for greater risks than the company's risk appetite.


Internally in the company, it concerns policies, business goals and company structure.

External considerations include satisfaction from the customer/end user, while the company and end user is protected from risks.

Prueba's GRC consultancy because:

We have experienced experts who speak in languages everyone understands.

Our top competence in several areas can help the company more broadly.

We are impartial and have the skills to help you further.

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