ERFA Group

We hold ERFA group meetings for managers and IT managers. At the meetings, we discuss the development and specific issues within technical, human and organisational IT security on a confidential and professionally high level.


ERFA Group for Information, Cyber and IT Security

In the group, we exchange experiences and knowledge from the different companies. In order to ensure the professional level and output, the meetings are conducted by Dennis B. Ellebæk, partner and founder of Prueba Cybersecurity.

Dennis is an expert in IT security and shares his personal expertise within the field, while there also will be external presentations of high relevance.

This provides the group with special insights and knowledge, which through sharing will result in a high level of options for countering cybercrime.

The meetings take approx. two hours and take place four times a year.

As a member of Prueba's ERFA group, you get:

Updates on developments within the field of cybercrime and personal data protection.

The opportunity to lift the company's competencies within the field of cybersecurity.

Professional and personal relationships with other managers.

Please contact us, if you are interested in becoming part of our ERFA group.

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