Cyber Defence Center

In our Cyber Defence Centre, we monitor the company's IT systems to identify otherwise unidentified threats and attack vectors.


Stay ahead of cybersecurity

The targeted attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and malicious actors are constantly posing a threat to your company. This means that your priority of protecting your company should be carefully aligned.

Managed SIEM (Logging)

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. Our Managed SIEM collects and merges log files from the entire enterprise IT environment. They are processed and analysed in order to identify incidents that should trigger an alarm.

Our Managed SIEM also provides an audit trail to see what activities have taken place within the IT environment – for instance in connection with a cyberattack. Adequate logging is essential for investigating cyberattacks.

Managed Detection and Response

With our Managed Detection and Response, we make sure that you can identify and respond to abnormal activities, when both known and unknown cyberattacks threaten your company.

We keep an eye on your IT systems and notify you, if alarms occur or there are critical security gaps that need to be closed.


Our HoneyPots are traps, strategically placed within the company's IT environment. The trap itself pretends to be, for example, an important server, an interesting high-value file or a user that for an attacker will be interesting to compromise.

When a malicious actor tries to contact or otherwise access the HoneyPot, it triggers an alarm.

Threat Hunting

Our security specialists are constantly on the hunt for new, unknown threats to proactively hunt down the undetected cyber threats, lurking and threatening your company.

We work purposefully to identify the malicious actors, who have bypassed the company's regular cyber defence and have sneaked in behind your defence line.

A malicious actor can hide for months, if these or unidentified threats and clues are not constantly hunted for, which are always left behind.

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