Compromise Assessment

Get answers to the question 'Have we been hacked?'


Is your infrastructure compromised without you knowing?

We offer a complete review of your company's infrastructure to identify cases of compromise, undetected backdoors, unauthorised access and any other abnormal activities. This reveals threats that are already active in your environment; we identify the extent, exposure and risks in order to enable an effective response.

Attackers are becoming more sophisticated

Their tools and techniques are constantly evolving, and the company's attack surfaces are becoming more dynamic and complex than ever before.

Attackers often manage to bypass perimeter security

Attackers get far into the company's infrastructure - even for long periods of time, which damages the company and causes business disruptions.

Often, attackers remain active in IT environments for extended periods of time before they are detected.

Only a small percentage of companies even discover that they have been compromised.

The vast majority are informed by e.g. customers, partners or the like, which is far from optimal.

Therefore, we offer to carry out a compromise assessment to identify past or current compromises of your company.

We analyse data from three different sources:

Devices (servers and clients)


External threat sources

We combine these data with our threat intelligence to gain unique insights into signs of past or active compromises in your infrastructure.

We provide debriefing and a report that provides clear advice in order to remedy the compromise.

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