Awareness training

Minimise your IT security risk by alerting your employees to cyber threats, which they may face on a daily basis.

Attentive employees are your best defence!

During the online awareness training, employees become more aware and gain knowledge of the threats that companies may be exposed to.

The training gives employees knowledge about how they can help handling any cyberattacks or vulnerabilities.

Equip your employees to spot cyber threats on a daily basis

With our Awareness solution:

Your employees are trained to be more aware and attentive to cyber threats.

An advantage for you because:

Your employees can take the online training when it suits their schedule during the working day.

It benefits you because:

Your business reduces the overall IT security risk.

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How our Awareness training takes place

The training takes place online

Employees log in to a training platform and go through the individual training.

In the videos, we meet Hackee - the unfortunate hacker

She is always detected by employees when conducting her attacks against the fictional company “Fiks Company”.

Motivate all employees

For everyone to participate actively in the training, it is important that the management or contact person is an active part in getting the training rolled out.

It's a good idea to create a campaign

The campaign introduces the online training to employees.

This underlines the importance of getting the training done, and explains to the employees how important their participation is to the company.

Awareness training because:

Employees become aware and are alert of threats, which they encounter on a daily basis.

The risk of security breaches and cyberattacks is minimised.

Your business reduces the overall IT security risk.

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