We are independent experts in our field!

Our team consists of some of Denmark's best within the field of IT security.

Where IT vendors often concentrate on technical security (antivirus programmes, software, firewalls etc.), we fully focus on cybersecurity by means of offensive and defensive approaches.

At Prueba, we work based on a self-developed security model that deals with:

We are at the forefront of threats

And we continuously update our services and counselling. We regard all tasks to be challenges, and we do not stop until the task is solved. We test and analyse our clients' IT security in order to improve security and resilience to cybercrime.

We have offices in Esbjerg and Odense and work primarily in Denmark, but we also solve tasks outside the borders of Denmark.

Psst... Did you know that:

Prueba is Spanish and means “test”

– because we put your organisation's cybersecurity to the test.